Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yesterday I received a Questionaire

Yesterday I received this questionair from ScrappinMommyDesigns
for whom i am a addictive Photoshopaction Tester.
I love her work and enjoy the chit chat that goes on between us
when i am testing them.

Thanks Angela!!!

How long have you been using PSP?

I have been using psp for about 5 yrs now and Photoshop for about

How did you get into making tags, scrapkits?

I first joined PSPMadeEZ and a couple of other groups, then my daughter
opened a group for Incredmail Stationery and Tags.
After i became more comfortable with PSP and my Designs i joined her as co-partner.
And the list goes on, so here i am today.

Who`s your fave artist?

I love Brita Seifert

Who`s your favourite Scrap Designer?

Oh, there are so many I love out there.
It's really difficult to pick one out of them all.
I love Kristine's Designs from WenchdGrafixDesigns she is also
very helpful when you need any advise, and there are so many
others the list would be just to long to write down.

Which three blogs do you visit everyday?

I visit ScrappinMommyDesigns and Jennies World among a bunch of others

I will pass this on to Jennie, KimB and Kristine

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I'll try and get this done later this week!!! Thank you!!!!